Friday, 24 October 2008

♥ Period Day ♥

Yesterday was all about the period films- first I brought myself to watch The Other Boleyn Girl, which I've had for a while now but never thought about really watching it. I even bought the book thinking (stupidly) that I'd actually read the book and then watch it, which was pretty naive. I knew I wouldn't- but I managed to watch the film- then through some sort of weird coincidence Elizabeth was on Film Four later that last night so some of the questions that hadn't been answered were tied up. I was going to bring out my copy of Elizabeth the Golden Age- but that would be taking it too far.
Something that puzzled me were these outfits that the lovely Boleyn sisters wore- matching, yes but they look too heavy and not in the acceptable way that the embellished gowns they wore were.

I absolutely love the Anna Scholz lingerie range- I'm hoping to get some of this lovely stuff for christmas, reminds me of the gorgeous fifties style underwear that you can actually get curves into.
I bought some lovely bargains from Topshop today- the dress I was upset about yesterday I managed to snap up along with a few sparkly hair adornments.

Oh and Pink's new album is on my shortlist for next week. It's looking good just from the album art which is right up my street- all circusy and rebellion but with a twist of girliness.
I'm really not liking my local HMV at the moment- they're petty with their scarce distribution of student cards and the little power they have has gone to their head. Maybe I'll go elsewhere for ALL of my Christmas shopping. Norwich is always really nice and they don't give you a hard time. Now I'm off to use some of my lovely Coconut Ice Cream Body scrub, it's the only thing that's not tainted

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