Wednesday, 24 June 2009

♥ ooh lemon & honey you don't work anymore ♥

♥ i have a terrible sore throat today- it's come on all of a sudden & it's making me feel terrible. going to the doctors tomorrow but don't know whether it's worth a mention. it can't be from the gig monday night either because i didn't do alot of shouting.

♥ i'd like some more stationery from but i have no money right now, not even enough to pay my phone bill :( i'm making some drawings but i feel abit sad at the moment so there's no pink unicorns in them or anything. but on the bright side, we get the keys to our new flat next monday & i'll be able to have relaxing bubble baths to take the stress away.

♥ i love lush's Flosty Gritter

♥ & lush's the Comforter for rainy, windy days where you should just be curled up inside

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