Monday, 10 August 2009

but all i really want to do is drift off into this world...♥

Monday again, this week I really need to be super efficient & stop reading Harry Potter & finally do some uni work, TS Eliot won't read himself! & neither will my stack of imaginary Marie Antoinette books for my dissertation! Ohh sooo bad natasha! So a to do list {see if this works!}
1. Reread TS Eliot & make better notes! not silly ones!
2. Start to read/ order the Marie Antoinette dissertation reading list *you* gave yourself!
3. Start on the book of TS Eliot inspired illustrations/collages/studies
4. Drink plenty of tea with caffeine so as to keep yourself awake!
5. Look at pretty things on flickr/blogs AFTER you've done all of this!


  1. haha you're still better organised than me tash, I've just done a book of scribbles so far, well i say book...i mean like 10 pages! It is such a booorrrriiinngggg poem :(

  2. hehe awww that' so sweet of you to say ness! it looks like i am but that's just the lists masking the real problem! haha! 10 pages is more than loose sheets of scribbles♥