Thursday, 29 April 2010

a rainy day ♥

oh it was a rather rainy day today, one of those days where all your hair sticks flat to your head as you walk through the wetness. went to Nottingham today to stock up on empty bottles of foundation and to collect some lovely No7 hot cloth cleanser. i really do need to stop emptying out all the coins in my purse and start saving them all up. not long to go now until uni finishes and i have to work, work, work! i have been very tired lately and just overall fed up with it all, but needs must! and my degree is a need! (that really didn't make sense!) also my hair's been feeling rather poorly and i was going to pick up a pot of Marylin conditioner from lush, but then i thought, no! it has to learn! so i'll use up what have and it will jolly well have to stay that way until after the university work is sorted out!

{will post pictures later as silly blackberry will not upload without a cable and silly me, i've gone and misplaced it! for now i shall post one of my 'vulgarities' illustrations up for you all and hopefully you will have a good sense of humour and shan't be offended :D}

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