Sunday, 8 August 2010

the lovely illustration SWAP ♥

the lovely illustration SWAP ♥

so i've been twittering away over the past week and had no internet, but since it's back on i can get this blog post up and running! I know that some of my fellow twitterers are up for this swap!
I thought seeing as illustrators love nothing better than receiving pretty things in the post this would be a lovely thing to do! you can send anything you like, but cheap pretty finds from charity shops as well as lovely prints, ribbon, badges and buttons, tea, pens, stickers etc will all be really nice things to get in the post! all of this needs to be packaged up, decorate the package however you like and then forward it on to your partner who i will assign you!

so if we say the deadline for all entries to the lovely illustration swap is wednesday the 18th august that means we should all have our pretty packages before september!

if you could leave your name, website (twitter, blog, shop etc), email address, location, things you like (what you'd maybe like to receive in your pretty package), and whether you'd like to send over seas to far away lands in the comments that would be great!

happy sunday everyone

Natasha x


  1. Yay! This is so exciting :)
    Right here's my details:

    Kayleigh Bluck
    Northampton (so East Midlands)

    I don't mind where I send to :)

    I am grateful for anything anyone wants to send but I like pretty things (who doesn't?!) and would really like a print/picture of some sort for the inspiration wall in my studio! :D


  2. Hey hun!
    Heres my info for le swapsies!

    Name Rachel
    Email address
    Location Newcastle upon Tyne
    Things I would like to receive... ermm surprise me! I love beautiful things. Pretty pictures would be lovely!

    if I get chance later i'll re-blog this :)


  3. yeyy! thanks lovelies! this is right good, can't wait to sort everything out and get sending! will keep everyone updated :) x x

  4. Hey Natasha! My info:

    Jo Cheung (London.)

    Stuff I'd like to receive are anything from paper/ envelopes, postcards, vintage photos, kitsch and vintage stickers basically old school stationary!!! xxx

  5. hey jo, thanks love! like your taste in pretty things. your new cards are great :D x x

  6. yay! cant wait :)

    ok this is me

    fritha moonbeatle tigerlilly quinn strickland ;)

    Stuff I'd be happy to recieve are paper/ envelopes, postcards, stickers,anything cute really! wow exiting!

    I will repost this on my blog as soon as xoxo

  7. Ngaire Brown
    Location - Benalla, Australia
    I am happy to send anywhere
    brownngaire at

    I like getting all sorts of suprises sent to me in the mail.

  8. oooh lovely! Count me in!


  9. Heyy! This is such a lovely idea! :)

    Abby Wright


    East Yorkshire :)

    I would love to receive beautiful papers/materials (things that would make lovely collages!), pictures and prints would be lovely! Things that will inspire me really! Or things that are cute!

    Thank you!! :):) xx

  10. Oh, oh, I hope I'm in time!

    Jenny Lloyd

    I'm in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. I'll send anywhere in Europe :)

    I love little prints, postcards, vintage ephemera or collage materials... or anything lovely.

    You're all awesome :D

  11. Hi - I would love to participate! It sounds like such fun!

    Veronica V. Jones

    Location, Northern VA, USA
    I don't mind where I send to

    I would like almost anything anyone would like to send.. i will be sending doodles myself. :)

  12. Aw, this is a lovely idea, I'd love to be involved.

    Steph Baxter
    Leeds (West Yorkshire)

    I don't mind where I send to :) I'd be happy to receive anything, I love mail! :)