Tuesday, 7 September 2010


ooh! lots of things to tell you about, first of all there's going to be some new wearables up in my etsy shop starting from tonight, in fact i've already uploaded the lovely FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE HAIR PINS and also the ALEXA CHUNG HAIR PINS all handmade to order with tiny versions of my illustrations to adorn your autumn locks with. ALSO lovely vintage adjustable rings with a miniature version of my illustration inside, necklaces are due to feature in the shop in the next few weeks! ♥

the ever so lovely Illustration Rally have done a super sweet artist's feature on my illustrations and there's also an interview for those of you who might wanna know maybe a bit more about me other than i like tea. (but who doesn't eh?) ♥

also as tonight's the night for all things brilliant in the world of music with fantastic artists like Laura Marling, Corrine Bailey Rae and Mumford & Sons all being nominated for the Mercury Prize i thought i'd share with you all the illustrations i've done to accompany the very talented and super lovely lady Emma Barlow's fab article for amelia's magazine

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