Friday, 3 September 2010

right nice films to snuggle up with ♥ ♥ ♥

I recently rewatched Elizabeth Town and really forgot how much I love it. I normally really don't like Orlando Bloom, don't know if it's he characters he plays or what but in Elizabethtown it's different. It's such a good film, it sort of immerses you in his journey and I love the quirky meetings he has with Kirsten Dunst & the road trip he takes with his dad, it's like whatever he's lost, whatever he can't change sort of works out for the best. So yeah, really lovely, inspiring.

Also top Autumn pics for films are Juno because it is so autumny, it has that kind of aesthetic & Ellen Page is amazing in it. Also, the Fantastic Mr Fox because it makes me want to put my warm flannel shirts on & thick socks, really witty, very quirky and the animation is genious. Love it.

Others I have are the usual faves, Marie Antoinette of course! It's not really an Autumn film but nevertheless I think it's such a beautiful film it and I mentioned it because I watched it this morning on my iPod.

Eternal Sunshine because it's not only gorgeously shot and the cast are amazing, it's just one of those films where you want to mess about indoors with a massive duvet, eat chinese takeaways out of the cartons, get wrapped up and lay on a thick sheet of ice with your super lovely boyfriend.

500 days of summer because it does draw a lot upon the seasons and it is pretty and has an awesome soundtrack ♥

what are yours? what films do you like to snuggle up with? ♥

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