Friday, 22 October 2010

sweeties, tea & lovely prints ♥

i had a lovely surprise in package form from the ever so lovely Abby Wright a super lovely illustrator who draws beautifully- grab yourself a cup of tea and check out her website abbywrightillustration who sent me a beautiful print which I won when she held a generous giveaway on her pretty blog. I was sent my wished for one, a beautiful girl surrounded by autumnal hues- it's just perfect! Super high quality, you can even make out the tiny, delicate details of her face and the paper is sooo thick! I LOVE it! She sent me tea (she knows me so well) and sweeties too. The sweets I wore in my hair for a while (it was clean!) because I thought they were just far too pretty to eat and the lovehearts are a firm favourite of mine! Retro! Thanks so much Abby! ♥

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