Thursday, 13 January 2011


Amelia Gregory of Amelia's Magazine kindly sent me this beautiful new book Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration and it is quite at home amongst my collection of beloved illustrated books-here it is with Amelia's Magazine Issue 9 and Amelia's Anthology of Illustration- in fact, it's my new favourite! Lovingly produced to the highest quality and 'featuring the very best in ethical fashion design' this compendium is a keepsake, a contemporary collection of upcoming illustrators and ethical fashion designers- it's the BEST combination! Not only am I proud to have it on my bookshelf but it's been the first thing I show friends and family. I was a contributing illustrator and it features illustrations produced for Amelia's Magazine as well as ones for ethical fashion designers Goodone and Alice Takes A Trip. Here are my pages beautifully put together by Amelia

my pages in the Compendium- super lovely to see my work in print ♥

the first illustrator in the Compendium is Abby Wright, a fellow member of Tea & Crayons! Her illustrations are fabulous, delicate light drawings that capture intricate details. Abby has contributed regularly to Amelia's Magazine with her feminine illustrations and these articles can be read here. You can also follow the super lovely Abby on twitter
Emma Block's illustrations are super pretty as always- her pages are so sweet and adorned with her delicate collaged illustrations. You can follow Emma on twitter, see more of her work on her lovely website and find out more about what she's up to on her wonderful blogJo Cheung's pages are awesome- love the bursts of colour with her intricate patterns which add definition and texture to her decadent illustrations. Jo has contributed to Amelia's Magazine before illustrating articles which you can read here
Faye West's illustrations are beautifully detailed with lovely hand drawn elements and I adore her use of pattern in one ♥ Faye has illustrated for lots of lovely articles on Amelia's Magazine which you can view here. You can follow Faye on twitter and read her blog here ♥

Zarina Liew's glittery candy coloured illustrations beautifully exploit texture and fabrics- super lovely illustrations! Zarina has illustrated for Amelia's Magazine before all of which are superb! Read Zarina's blog here and find her on
Follow Amelia and Amelia's Magazine on twitter

If there's one thing you do this year buy this book- not only will you be getting a beautiful coffee table book that you'll be showing everyone, but you will be supporting myself, Amelia, all of the talented and hardworking illustrators who contributed, the amazing ethical fashion designers whose work is showcased and our beautiful planet because after all this is what this book first and foremost supports- being ethically responsible! ♥

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