Thursday, 17 February 2011


images: weheartit

I've currently been obsessing over things I had when I was little and I found this Cinderella jewellery box which is exactly the same as one I had when I was about 5. I'm loving the pen scribbles on it- most of my stuff has felt tip doodles on from when I got creative urges! I had a few of the jewellery boxes bought for me from the Disney Store for birthdays, I remember having a Sleeping Beauty one and then later a purple Meg one. I've been wanting to go back to Disney for a while now but pennies are low and it will be a while yet- still I can plan my next trip whilst drinking tea and eating cake! ♥


  1. that's a beautiful box and i so understand you about obsessing over the childhood things/memories :) can be very inspiring!

  2. My sister had that jewellery box, I had a little mermaid one that played under the sea when you opened it :) Ahh the good ole days of Disney Princesses