Saturday, 4 June 2011


Well, I've lost all my pictures from my lovely day out the other day so I'm not a happy bunny! edit* Oh actually no, it's okay it works now, I've found them! Wednesday was filled with a trip to the Disney Store, Lady Gaga t shirts, Coca Cola, amazing desserts, floral bras, Pascal mugs, flicking through my gorgeous Grace Kelly book which my grandma bought me, coming away from the cinema because it was far too busy- no Hangover 2 for us, Topshop eyeshadow smudged on my hand that looked like an epic bruise and hot bus rides which I do not care for.

Speaking of bunnies, been out in the garden hanging out with my lovely little rabbit Bailey whilst it sunny! He's got a new favourite snack- fresh basil that we've been growing in terracotta pots just next to the kitchen. All the lavender, daisies and garden herbs are out in full bloom and lazy bees have been spotted humming near the honeysuckle. I love this time of year, eating outside al fresco stylie with chilled glasses of Pimms and warming yourself in the sunshine behind a pair of shades.

Hope you lovelies have had a gorgeous weekend ♥


  1. Aww I didn't realise you had a rabbit - I'd love one, they're so beautiful!
    Also, whatever chocolate/ice-creamy amalgamation that is I WANT it! x

  2. Yeps :) I've had him since I was about 19 so he'll be 3 and a bit now! They are yeah and so friendly :)
    It was brownies and ice cream from Frankie & Benny's :) lovely but I couldn't finish it! x