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Hello Kerri-Anne, how are you lovely? 

Can you tell us a bit more about you, where you're from, what you like? 

I'm Kerri-Ann and I want to be a professional illustrator. I'm from Widnes in Cheshire and I like baking yummy cakes, walking around York with my boyfriend because it's lovely and whimsical there, Yankee candles, kittens, playing on my old 80's keyboard though one day I want a real piano, reading, drawing and I love going to the cinema. It is my dream to write and illustrate my own children's book and have it published.

What inspired you to be an illustrator? 

When I was little I always wanted to be an animator and work for Pixar creating lovely Toy Story films. But as I grew up I realised that all the amazing pictures in my books were drawn by people called illustrators and that I could be one of them, what a perfect job that would be! 

Would you share with us your creative process?

To be honest my process changes with every piece that I do! Sometimes I dabble with digital colouring and sometimes with detailed full acrylic paintings. I'm very indecisive and never quite happy with how I work, though I usually fall back on doing detailed pencil drawings.

Some of your work is inspired by story books or inspiring people (RPatz!) and this make it feel very personal, which is lovely. Do you think it's important to have personal aspects in your work?

Yes, definitely. I think this is why I sometimes find it hard to come up with ideas, because when I draw something it usually comes from my mood or something I've been reading or watching that has been repeating on my imagination. I'm also writing my own children's book, it's an on going background project but sometimes my work reflects the stories I am creating behind the scenes.

Do you have a favourite illustration you have created?

I think my illustration of The Little Mermaid is one of my favourites because it wasn't planned and I am so pleased of how it turned out. It is also A1 in size so I think it's quite an accomplishment!

How long have you been an illustrator?

I would say from when I graduated uni in 2010, I haven't had many commissions yet but I'm always on the lookout for work! 

Can you describe what you do in three sweet words?

Whimsical, delicate, charming.

What/ who inspires you?

For writing, JK Rowling has always been a huge inspiration for me, she never stopped trying to get Harry Potter published even after many rejections. It is difficult to not get disheartened when someone doesn't like your work but you just have to keep trying.  For illustrating, some of my biggest inspirations are the old illustrators of the golden age, like Aubrey Beardsley, Arthur Rackham, Kay Nielsen and Harry Clarke. Though lately I have drawn a lot of inspiration from Inga Moore who has illustrated The Secret Garden so perfectly and Jill Barklem who wrote and illustrated the Brambly Hedge series.

You have a very sweet blog & tweet lots of loveliness, what inspires you to have an online presence & encourages you to blog about lovely things?

Thank you! I think I'm encouraged to have an online presence so I can share my work with others. The whole point of creating illustrations is to share them with the world and having a twitter and blog helps me do this. Obviously it is a great way to expose yourself as an artist and I hope I will get noticed for what I can create.

Who are your favourite/ most inspirational illustrators/designers/bloggers?

I have followed the work of Lizzy Stewart for a while now, I have quite a collection of zines that she makes as they are always interesting and full of lovely, quirky illustrations. I also follow the work of Yelena Bryksenkova, her work is incredibly detailed and I love how well she uses watercolours.

These are some of my favourites:

Which ways do you best promote your work?

I find twitter is the best way of promoting my work, by getting to know other illustrators they get to know you in return. I also use my blog to promote my work and through interviews in magazines and on blogs like this one! I have just joined forces with the lovely Helen of From the Wilde where I now sell prints of my illustrations. It's a lovely website full of hand made creations and illustrations and it's great to be associated with some really talented people. 

Do you have any favourite blogs/ websites?

One of my most visited websites is Tumblr. I love scrolling through Tumblr, there are so many wonderful and inspiring images on there... I use it as my inspiration place

Have you got a picture of your workspace? (Drawings accepted!)

I've included it in the pics I've attached :)

How does your workspace help you to be creative?

My workspace isn't very big so it's hard to spread out and get messy. I have a box full of Penguin book covers as postcards so I have a few of my favourites on the wall as well as some inspiring illustrations. Sometimes I will sit on my floor surrounded with paper and a box of paints to give myself more room. On my desk I have my Cath Kidston journal to jot down any story ideas that I have, Yankee candles, sketchbooks I'm currently working in, my pot full of brushes, pencils, pens and behind my imac you can only just see some more sketchbooks sticking out, there are many books behind there about illustrating children's books and writing them. My cat Harley is often part of my workspace too.

Are you involved in/ working on anything lovely right now? Do tell!

I am part of a collective called Pencils, Paper, Scissors and we have just sent our first collaborative project to be printed! It is a circus themed colouring book and we are so excited, we can't wait to share it with everyone.

What's on your most awesome playlist?

Dustin O'Halloran - Opus 17, Opus 23, Opus 36.

Aphex Twin - Jynweythek Ylow, Avril 14th.

Phil Collins - Sussudio.

John Farnham - You're the Voice.
Bon Iver & St Vincent - Roslyn.
Belle & Sebastian - I Didn't See it Coming.
Sleeper - Shrinkwrapped.
The Honey Trees - To Be With You.
Christina Perri - A Thousand Year.
Bon Iver - Beth/Rest
Butcher the Bar - Alpha Street West.
Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels.
Barcelona - Come Back When You Can.

If I wanted to contact you about a collaboration/buying artwork/to say hello etc, what's the best way for me to do that?

Please send me an email at or follow me on twitter

What are the loveliest mags you read?

I am ashamed to say that I don't really buy magazines! It's shocking. I really should. Though to redeem myself I did recently buy Lionheart Magazine and it's great!

Do you have any nice plans for the future? (Picnics, pictures, exhibitions, afternoon teas, blogger events?)

I wish I did have exciting plans but my priorities at the moment are job searching and saving money. I'm trying to be sensible but I wish I could say I was going to New York for a few weeks :(

Book - There are far too many but the Harry Potter series is always one that I can go back to again and again. Currently I am loving 'The Invention of Hugo Cabret' the illustrations tell the story like a film, it is full of clocks, Paris, adventures, movies and mischief. 
Colour - Teal or Forest Green.
Shop - Any that sells lovely dresses.
Drink - Apple Juice.
Cake - I adore cheesecake & yummy vanilla slices!
Tea - I am sorry to say that I dislike tea.. I did try to like it (with 4 sugars and gallons of milk) but couldn't bring myself to like it!
Attire - Cardigans, always.
Month - October, I love Autumn and Halloween and it means that it's getting closer to my birthday in November.
Activity -  I should say drawing here but I love getting myself lost in a good book.
Film - All Jane Austin related films/series, especially Sense & Sensibility, Lost in Austin and Pride & Prejudice ('95 version!)
Actor/Actress - Johnny Depp/Zooey Deschanel.
Tattoo -  I really want the Deathly Hallows symbol tattoo'd on my foot but I'm too scared to go and get it done!
Band/singer -  This changes all the time, I think I like songs rather than specific bands/singers. I do love listening to piano music and a lot of film soundtracks are amazing, like all the Twilight ones, Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Marie Antoinette.  

A massive thank you to Kerri-Anne for this wonderful feature! I am smitten over your lovely little mermaid, secret garden & Zooey Deschanel illustrations!

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Her lovely blog
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