Monday, 16 January 2012


Well, it's certainly felt that way. Catching up on lots of sleepy time since Friday, actually all week, from being unwell, cups of tea, the new Company mag and late 90's movies have been filling up my time. My diary is empty, it's too pretty to fill up with hand written notes and deadlines. I'm looking forward to summer time now, when we can sit out in the garden. At the beginning of the week we had woodland walks, much needed to top up our energy and create a fresh sense of space. We spotted snow drops on our woodland walk last Tuesday, a sign spring is falling into place. We also said hello to grey squirrels and the tiniest of rabbits, as well as spying on tree top bird's nests. High up near the trees we noticed a magnificent house, one of mystery and grandeur and felt as though we had fallen into another time. It was lovely.

I drew a much needed bubble bath to warm my bones, snuggled into warmer floral pjs and we settled down to watch Blue Valentine. It was bittersweet, but funny and I love both actors, it was like seeing snippets of a home movie. I've been filled with nostalgia this week not being so well and wanting to stay where it's warm. Hot water bottles have been filled, evian bottles emptied, needing flat sugary drinks and nice films ♥

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