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Hello Emily, how are you lovely?
Hello darling! I’m just wonderful thank you! Sitting on my bed with a big cup of rose petal tea under the fairy lights and chilling out after a super long week!

Can you tell us a bit more about you, where you're from, what you like?
I’m from a small village in the middle of the Worcestershire countryside originally, but now happily reside in the wonderful place that is Brighton, where I’m about to start my final year of my degree in Printed Textiles and hopefully make it one step closer to my dreams of being a successful Illustrator / designer, and one day opening a tearoom full of beautiful things to make as many people happy as I can! I love fairytales, pretty music, sparkles, craft, art, many things!

How did you get into illustration and blogging?
Blogging wise I’ve been doing tumblr for a couple of years but I use it more as a journal to collate ideas and inspiration. Drawing is something I’ve always done, I’ve experimented with other outputs(photography/painting etc) but I love to draw and it was when I started focusing more on it at college I guess its slowly become more of a reality of something I could do on a more full time basis!

How long have you been a creative?
Since forever, I can’t even remember a time not wanting to put down my dreams and ideas and try and make pretty things. I’ve always been super passionate about drawing and making things. Creativity is limitless and makes the world such a happier, prettier place. I decided to properly make a go of it as both illustrator and blogger this Christmas just gone, I just decided I needed to get myself out there, there’s such a fantastic community of talented artists of every kind on the internet and I wanted to join in that magical world.


Would you share with us your creative process when you make your illustrations?
The illustrations you see on my blog and etsy are all lovingly done using a super fine pen or pencil, and then layered and colored in Photoshop. I work in various ways though, depending on my mood, I love collage and paint, and mixed media things, and have done lots of this in the past, keep watching my blog to see further insights into my creative world (:

The illustrations you create are darling, woodland animals and my favorites like Kirsten Dunst! AND the colours are divine! Do you have any favorite pieces?
Aw thank’s so much petal! I always like drawing girls, and trying to capture delicate emotion. I love drawing deer too, I think Kirsten and the girls I did on my dress, and the few deer I’ve drawn have been my favorite.
(I’ll be posting my dress soon)

You are a blogging princess, with an ongoing presence on twitter as well, what inspires you to be online & encourages you to blog about lovely things?
Having an online presence is vital today, it’s good and refreshing to find people with similar work ethics who are supportive and inspirational, I love getting comments and feedback from people of any kind, and looking at all the other wonderful gorgeous art that’s out there!

Your hair is lovely, a shade of pastel pink. Do you enjoy experimenting with hair colors? Do you have a favorite?
I’m naturally mousy brown but have been white blonde for about 5 or 6 years. Pink is my thing and I’ve tried variations of pink & lilac in my hair in the past but currently this is my favourite colour I’ve had as I was finally brave enough to go full on candyfloss!
Pastel hair is definitely my favorite. I want to experiment more with mixing colours, and maybe trying out peach, I love peach hair. perfect for spring I think!

Can you describe what you do in three sweet words?
Explore my muses/dreams

What/ who inspires you?
Sophia Coppola definitely has for years, she is just incredible, everything is so perfect. Each one of her films has been massively inspirational to me, I always dreamt of being part of the Lisbon sisters world or drifting through Marie Antoinette’s castle and grounds <3 I am also really inspired by Disney princesses, blythe dolls and Japanese culture, fairytales, Lewis Caroll, Ballet and the beautiful stories behind it, creatures and nature, both make believe and real, and childhood, I definitely don’t want to grow up! I have so many favorite artists too! I absolutely love Yayoi Kusama (go see her exhibition if you haven’t already!!!) is so diverse and brilliant and definitely lived in her own make believe world <3
I also love Henry Darger, a recluse who created some of the most hauntingly beautiful drawings ever.
Grimm and Hans Anderson fairytales are too forever inspiring, I love the different ways they’ve been portrayed over the years, from the dark and deep originals to the modern cute versions for kids, its fascinating how stories can be changed and adapted.

Which ways do you best promote your work?
Twitter, blogging, tumblr, telling friends (:

Do you have any favourite blogs/ websites?
Gosh so so many! I love, could spend hours on there! Same with etsy! I love the wildfox couture blog, and photographer Saga Sig’s. Lula and frankie’s are both pretty cute too! & I love hello sandwich & tatty devine’s blog for crafty catch up’s! There are so so many truly gorgeous other blogs I look at regularly too though! Audrey grace boutique always has lovely lovely things, and I always like looking at yours for a dose of sugar coated goodness <3

Have you got a picture of your workspace? (Drawings accepted!)
I’m constantly on the move at the moment so my work space changes but when I’m at home it’s important for me to search for the things I love to do be it walks in fields, deer spotting, watching good films, spending hours on blogs/tumblr, reading pretty magazines and books etc, I love to surround myself with pretty things. Here’s my bed at home mid creating…!

How does your workspace help you to be creative?
My workspace is usually super cluttered with lots and lots going on, my room is often described as walking into some sort of insane pink treasure cave, I just fill every surface with pretty things I find, and have big spaces on my walls filled with taped up images/photographs of all sorts of different things that fit with my vision. I also try and make regular collages and put them up around my room. I like to always have a total range of materials surrounding me and to always be open minded and incorporating as many different ideas and dreams as I can!

Are you involved in/ working on anything lovely right now? Do tell!
At the moment I’m working on lots of exciting things! I’m doing lots of commissioned drawings of beautiful fairytale girls! & also working on some one off original drawings and possibly paintings which I will be selling in my shop in Rococo frames (keep watching!) I’m in the process of setting up a proper website, which will have lots and lots more work on it than you can currently see! & I’m also working on some new themed illustrations and easter cards!

What's on your most awesome playlist? I love music and have a super diverse taste, heavily down to my excellent boy who regularly finds things that just seem to fit perfectly with what I like…Heres my ultimate playlist!...
Air - Moon Fever
Animal Collective - Bluish
Balam Acab - Big Boy
Bjork - Bachelorette
Blackbird Blackbird - Pure
Broken Social Scene - Lover’s Spit (Bee Hive version)
Cut Copy - Unforgetable Season
Dr. Dre - Forget About Dre
Interpol - NYC
Jay Electronica - The Pledge
JJ - Still
Joy Divison - She’s Lost Control
Lana Del Rey - Off To The Races
M83 - We Own The Sky
Massive Attack Vs Burial - Paradise Circus
Memoryhouse - Lately
Moderat - Rusty Nails
OMD - Enola Gay
Pogo - Alice
Phoenix - Too Young
Portishead - The Rip
She & Him - Brand New Shoes
Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon A Dream
Summer Camp - I Want You
Teebs – Double Fifths
The Chemical Brothers - The Sunshine Underground
The Jesus & Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
The Stills - Lola Stars And Stripes
Vampire Weekend - I Think Ur A Contra
Youth Group - Forever Young

If I wanted to contact you about a collaboration/buying work/to say hello etc, what's the best way for me to do that?
I’d be absolutely delighted to hear from you! I’m always open for a chat or a new pen pal, or just if you wanted to say hello! Drop me a line at, Tweet me @ rosepetaldeer or write on my blog… I’m happy to talk about any ideas you have! (:

What are the loveliest mags you read?
My absolute favorites are Lula & Frankie, they really don’t get more inspiring! Lula is every girls dream, with its floaty sugar coated pages, I’ve been getting it for about 5 years now and every issue is like a piece of gold dust, Leith is so talented! Frankie is just one I can’t put down, I have to read it cover to cover, there’s always such talent, and such a diverse range of inspiring beautiful stories and goodness <3. I also love Mollie Makes, quite a new magazine, that’s full of the prettiest craft projects and creatives! & of course Vogue, I sometimes get odd copies of Italien of British depending on who’s done the shoots/photography inside. I think magazines are vital for broadening your creative mind, as they capture the sparkly new talent and ideas at the freshest stage <3

Do you have any nice plans for the future? (Picnics, pictures, exhibitions, new jewellery, afternoon teas, blogger events?) I am going to Tokyo for the first time in summer, which has been an absolute lifelong dream, so I’m crazily excited for that! Two of our lovely friends who live in Tokyo are having a little wedding there so I’ll be going to that as well as lots of general exploring! There are too many places I want to go already! But any suggestions are welcome! (: Other plans are just getting involved with as many creative projects as possible and possibly going to a festival. I also plan to spend lots of summer drawing and catching up with friends, hopefully lots of it on Brighton Beach!

Book Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the looking glass
Colour Sugarplum Pink
Shop I love independent beautiful unique shops. I LOVE the alice in wonderland shop in oxford, Artbox in London, charity shops, Portobello road antique shops.
Drink rose lemonade or gin & elderflower
Cake I’m definitely more of a pic n mix girl, fizzy fangs, strawberry laces and cherry lollypops are my favorites but my boyfriend does a delicious vegan carrot cake (I’m vegan (: )
Tea Rose Petal or Jasmine, or Japanese flower ball tea’s when I can find them J
Attire Lace, sparkles, tutu’s, usually along those lines! I have quite a collection of vintage lacey dresses. My favourite things in my wardrobe are my white lace layered dress and my white and pink peter pan collar from the wonderful lou lou loves you <3
Month Spring, so March/April when it’s blossom season and the sky is pretty, and all the flowers come out
Activity Shopping for vintage treasures, writing in my diary with a big cup of tea
Film The Virgin Suicides, Sleeping Beauty

Actor/Actress Bill Murray, Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johannson (Lost In Translation)
Tattoo I’m into pretty ones but don’t have one myself, think I’d have a pink bambi or a tiny unicorn. My boyfriend is thinking of getting a Henry Darger inspired one which I think would be cool
Band/singer Air, I absolutely love them! & also Joanna Newsom & Au Revoir Simone, Burial, Memoryhouse, lots of 80’s music. (you can get the vibe from my playlist (: )

A massive thank you to the lovely Emily of Rose Petal Deer for sharing all her candy coloured illustrations and sugary pink workspace with us for this darling feature ♥
all images belong to Emily 

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