Saturday, 30 June 2012



LIONHEART Issue Two is out now lovelies and what a delight! Issue Two is aptly named Warmth, featuring darlings Chloe Moretz, Kaffe Fassett & Angela Williams and the amazing Cherry Healy, with illustrations, photography and gorgeous features galore! I was kindly asked by the beautiful and super talented Hels Martin, Lionheart's roaring editor, to illustrate the cover and what an absolute honour! It is a pleasure and a dream to work with such a wonderful independent magazine, the pages are like mini dreams! I have my own treasured copy of the first issue of Lionheart, which I proudly display on my bookshelf. I often find myself thumbing through its thick, lovely pages in search of inspiration, and a good read- I always find it. I can't wait to hold the second darling issue in my hands. You can buy both divine issues here ♥


  1. this is beautiful!! :) xxx

  2. Ooh yay I've been waiting such a while for issue 2 :D xx