Tuesday, 12 February 2013




It's the month of love hearts and sweethearts, pink and red, roses and love stories. So I thought I'd share the five products I've loved this month, four of which are beauty. One isn't actually mine but I'll get to that in a second.

The first was a gift from my lovely friend, who knows how much I adore Soap and Glory and their super pink girly packaging. Sugar Crush is a generous 500ml body wash which has the subtle scent of sweet lime, it's amazing to give you that zingy, fresh, awake feeling that I know I always need in the mornings (no, I'm not a morning person). The bottle is actually pink, not the product which is a milky white and a little foams a long way. Perfect size to keep in the shower and it makes your bathroom look oh so retro.

Phoenix from Lush, oh Lush why do you tempt me with your divine bubble bars and bath ballistics promising a scented potion in my bath that I never want to leave. I bought this because it instantly made me think of Daenerys and her dragons from Game Of Thrones. The unique purple and gold colour powdering this ballistic was so beautiful and evoked memories of reading those epic chapters in GOT. It scents the bathroom heavily with gorgeous spicy cinnamon.

Whoosh also from Lush is the product that isn't actually mine, it's my boyfriend's. I bought this for him as I know how much he loves Big Blue and is a huge fan of the lemon, lime and seaweed combination. Whoosh is a fresh, blue shower jelly that has seaweed in it to keep your skin super soft.  This is very similar to Big Blue, it's a very similar oceanic colour and fresh smell, only it's one that can be used and kept in the shower! Hoorah! The jelly formula is fab as it can be stored anywhere- you can even freeze it. The packaging is really cute and keeps the jelly from slipping away.

The last (but by no means least!) two products are from Topshop, they are both nail varnishes, but I had to include them because they are so pretty and I've been wearing both (alternately) non stop.
The neon orange is New Wave, a gift from my sweet friend and I absolutely love it! It goes with anything, clashing and complimentary colours. It applies so smoothly and two coats is all you need for a long lasting pop of colour that lasts really well.

The pretty pink bottle of varnish is called Keepin' It Sweet, Topshop always seem to have such beautiful nail colours it almost becomes hard to pick one. I thought the name of this was great, it tickled me, I don't know why, I'm easily amused. I adore the colour of this, it's like a strawberry milkshake. It goes on really smoothly, I wore it with two coats and a slick of clear topcoat to keep my nails looking rad. Love it.

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  1. Such lovely things :) I loove Soap and Glory too! (then again, who doesn't!)xx

  2. That body wash looks amazing. Anything pink and lime flavoured is a definite yes!



  3. Courtney, thanks so much lovely, Soap & Glory is so pretty isn't it. x

    Gabi, ha yep that combo is definitely a winner! x