Monday, 14 October 2013


Hello lovelies, hope you all had a gorgeous weekend. Mine was spent sipping wine, hanging out with family, taking glitter bubble baths & wishing we had climbing roses all over the house. What did you lovelies do? Have you seen all of the beautiful pastel colours Bleach London have brought out? So many different hues I'd love to tint my hair with- at the moment it's sea foam green ombre, but I'm getting pretty bored with that and wishing for rosy pink or a violet colour. 

My illustrated a4 prints are still on offer, if you treat yourself to one you get another of your choice for free, perfect for stocking up on early christmas presents, or just as a little extra something for yourself. I've been putting some in vintage frames and they look really lovely, the pastel colours and pencil are compliment so much by a thrifted frame (especially in gold, I love gold ones, don't you?) 

So anyway, I'm off to catch up on American Horror Story and Supernatural, really love these tv shows, especially this time of year when you can throw on a jumper (or three, in my case) and light some pumpkin spice candles and watch them in the dark (or, if you're like me, definitely with the light on) 

Bye for now sweeties x x

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