Saturday, 2 November 2013


Hello lovelies, I was commissioned by the super lovely Valeria of Gilded Butterflies to illustrate a personal portrait. 

Valeria's beautiful blog is a darling place with enchanting photography that captures the delicate details in our ever changing world.

I always adore working on such wonderful projects, especially as it brought our two imaginations together and turned into something really magical.

I wanted to also say a massive thank you to Valeria for being such a treasure to work with and allowing me to draw her amazing Rapunzel-like hair and pretty features, she's like a little piece of cake as they would say on Marie Antoinette. 

Valeria can be found at her super pretty blog Gilded Butterflies which is a must read if like me you adore gorgeous photography and perfect posts about Versailles, autumn, Marie Antoinette, macaroons & everything else pretty & wonderful <3

 I'm available for portrait commissions throughout November and at the moment have a special discount on them. If you'd like to discuss a commission then please feel free to tweet me @natashalikestea or email me at 

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  1. Thank you so much once again for all the lovely things you wrote about me and my blog ! You were so kind :)
    And thank you so much once again for the portrait you made of me ! It has graced my wall in a beautiful frame ever since you sent me the final version :)