Thursday, 16 January 2014


Hello lovelies, how are you today? Any good plans for the weekend? I'm finding January half good and exciting, a fresh start and all that but then the other half is just this huge pending gloom, mountains of work and jobs that keep mounting up and just generally feeling a little glum. But it doesn't have to be that way, I'm finding taking little steps to help organise my day, taking on smaller tasks makes things found much less daunting. I've found myself having this constant collection of desk essentials which help me through the busy of days.

IPAD  this amazing little device is the mini version which I kindly and very generously given to me for Christmas by my lovely fiancee Matt. His thoughts behind this were that it would help me with all my freelance work as well as being super handy or catching up with episodes of Sherlock on the bbc iplayer app, the power of technology! I've found it so helpful, it's like a bigger version of my phone but I'm able to do so much more without it being restrictive or miniscule. It's a great way of staying connected with social media too, it's like a diary, youtube viewer, blog updater, sketchbook, inspiration portal all in one! Well done, Apple.

BENETINT lip balm ♥ ooh this is totally brilliant, it's a hydrating companion (what?!) and if I find myself looking ghostly pale or in need of a quick injection of lip balm then this baby is always on hand.

MINI SCHEDULER ♥ I picked up this adorable little diary from Artbox many moons ago, yep I'm one of those stationery hoarders! I have shelves and shelves of pretty paper books and cards that I just can't bring myself to write in, it's like psyching yourself up to jump off something high or plunge into a cold pool (is that just me as well?) Anyway, these mini schedulers are blank, genius! So they never run out and you can be as precious or as messy as you like because you fill them in for the month/ year that's relevant to you. This one is exceptionally tiny, so it's probably not great for those of us who have big handwriting, you have to have handwriting the size of a baby bunny's paw. But they're still great, they come in loads of sizes too so there's one for everyone. Perfect for dropping in your bag and you've always got somewhere to write your notes/ ideas/ dates/ meetings etc!

There's also usually a scattering of mechanical pencils (which I love) on my desk, along with tea in a Disney cup of choice, stacks of the latest magazines, and lost nail varnishes (where do they come from?) 

I'd love to hear about items you find helpful, what gets you through the day whether it's busy or chilled? Share your desk essentials! 

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