Saturday, 31 March 2012


Can you tell us a bit more about you, where you're from, what you like? 
Hello my name is Anna and I'm an illustrator and textile designer from Newcastle upon Tyne. I like so many things and the list would be far too long to mention everything, but I am a huge film fanatic and love collecting very old battered books, atlases and maps.

What inspired you to be an illustrator/ textile designer?  
Well every since I was child I was into art, but from studying at college and university I stumbled across textile design. I didn't study illustration, but with doing print design at university I found my love for illustration. Of course illustrators themselves have inspired me to do illustration.
Do you have a favourite illustration you have created?
This is a hard one....ummm...I think my favourite one has to be...ummmm....don't make me choose, he he.

How long have you been an illustrator/textile designer? 
I would say I have been illustrator for about two years and a textile designer since finishing university so thats about 3 1/2 years.

Can you describe what you do in three sweet words? 
Intricately Patterned Geometricity

What/ who inspires you?
When I go shopping or go for day out I am very inspired by the colours and shapes I see around me, even smells give me ideas. I can be very nostalgic and this inspires my work very much. Of course I am inspired by many wonderful illustrators and designers in both the textile and fashion industries.

You have a very sweet blog & tweet lots of loveliness, what inspires you to have an online presence & encourages you to blog about lovely things?
Thank you so much. When I first set up my blog it was purely to show the world my illustration and textiles, but I feel it is very important to show you have a life and other interests outside of what you do at work every day. I love to blog about books, charity shop buys, d.i.y, days out, mail art swaps, jewellery, you name it I do it. All these things show people my personality and how this reflects in my work.
I love the play on words name of your blog Annarack, where did this stem from?
I was talking in the car with my mum about some film I was really interested in I was probably babbling on about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings and I was saying that I am such a nerd and anorak. It suddenly hit me the word 'anorak' and I was like oh my god I should call my studio name 'Annarack'. Its funny how things can suddenly pop into your head. It took me ages to find my own studio name and I am quite proud of it.

Who are your favourite/ most inspirational illustrators/designers/bloggers?
The most inspirational to me have been Nigel Peake, Sandra Dieckmann, Jamie Mills, Lizzy Stewart, there are to many to name. You only have to go on Flickr and the talent is breath taking and very inspirational for me. There are so many blogs I like, my top 10 have to be: Ella Masters, Natures my friend, Pikaland, DKMart, Golly gosh, Being little, Fated to be Hated, Jean Greige, Neon Maria and Red Brick Lipstick.

Which ways do you best promote your work?
I like to promote mostly on my flickr photostream, blog, wall collective, facebook, Etsy and twitter.

Do you have any favourite blogs/ websites?
As mentioned above are my top 10 blogs. One of my favourite sites has to be Etsy as I sell on there and also do lots of my shopping through the beautiful vintage and illustrative shops. I can be on there for hours.

 Have you got a picture of your workspace? (Drawings accepted!)
Yes, I have a few on my blog and one on my flickr photostream. I love seeing photos of peoples studios or bedrooms they work in. Its like being sucked into a whole other world for a few moments. My room is covered in all sorts of illustration on the walls, books everywhere, collectibles, its what I like to call organised chaos. 
How does your workspace help you to be creative?
It doesn't matter where I turn I can see all the wonderful pieces of illustration I have collected over the past few years on my walls and this gets me going for the day. Even opening the window to hear the birds sing is calming and sets the mood for drawing or sewing.

Are you involved in/ working on anything lovely right now? Do tell!
I'm not involved in anything at the moment, but I'm working on a jewellery collection, some new embroidery which will be for sale soon and I'll be making some new illustrations. So watch this space.

What's on your most awesome playlist?
At the moment I currently into Lykki Li and the Fleet Foxes, their music gives me so much inspiration. I actually listen a lot too soundtracks/scores to films, I have quite a big collection. The latest one I am currently obsessed with is 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'. There are lots of great songs on it by the Rolling Stones, Beach Boys and Burl Ives.
If I wanted to contact you about a collaboration/buying artwork/to say hello etc, what's the best way for me to do that?
The best way to contact me is via my email address (, facebook, blog or twitter.

What are the loveliest mags you read?
My new favourite magazine has to be 'Lion Heart Mag' it is the best and most beautifully presented I have ever come across. Other ones I like to read are: Embroidery, Selvedge, Wrap, and Vogue. 
Do you have any nice plans for the future? (Picnics, pictures, exhibitions, afternoon teas, blogger events?)
Well I have afternoon tea at least once a week. I would love to meet some of my fellow bloggers and twitter friends one day soon. There are lots of exhibitions and events I would love to go to but a lot of them are based in London or further south in the country, so I am hoping in the summer months to make a trip down.


Book: Harry Potter

Colour: Green

Shop: Cow (its a vintage shop)

Drink: Double Choca Mocha

Cake: Coffee and Walnut
Tea: Rington's or Phumprey's 
Attire: Jumper
Month: October
Activity: Shopping and having lots of afternoon tea, teacakes and Cheese scones.
Film(s): Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and The Goonies
Actor/Actress: Christopher Lee and Helena Bonham Carter
Tattoo: I dislike tattoos
Band/singer: Fleet Foxes and Kate Bush
Anna has a gorgeous etsy shop full of pretties, so definitely have a look at those! A massive glittery thank you to Anna for sharing her creative world <3


  1. It was my pleasure my dear and thank you so much for featuring me. I had so much fun answering your questions. The images are look great too.

  2. Love her work,such a unique style,great feature and great way to get to know an illustrator/blogger more.
    Hope your having a wonderful day.