Wednesday, 28 March 2012


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Lovely summery day today, perfect mini milk weather, earlier I was undecided over whether to cut my hair but I went for it. It now resembles something like Tennessee Thomas, without the extraordinary length, basically I have her fringe and the colour is closer to Alexa Chung's. I had definitely decided that this week we should see The Hunger Games, so we did and it was amazing. I've been listening to the soundtrack ever since it was released and excited to see it on the big screen after reading the book and not being able to put it down. So we shared one of those sherbet drinks you can only ever buy at overpriced cinema kiosks and sat down to enjoy the film. After we'd watched it we went to sit in the sunshine near the castle. Wednesday was one of those days for the first time in months of early darkness and icy chills that I could get away with walking home in the twilight without shivering. Such a lovely feeling with the promise of late night talks in the garden, with summery drinks after long hot days <3

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  1. I recently read the book and I'm so excited to see the movie. I'm currently on the 2nd book and oh my is it good. :)