Tuesday, 14 January 2014



GIRLS by thesecretteaparty 

Happy Tuesday lovelies! I wanted to share some things I've been loving so far this month, some of these I actually don't possess yet but they are definitely on my wish list and I've been lusting after them! 

The notebook in all its pastel pink glory is by ClapClapDesign on etsy, I adore the design with the illustrated animals, the size is also just too perfect, I love popping little notebooks in my bag or having a stack of them to hand on my bedside table (does anyone else find inspiration/idea/reminders hit you in the middle of the night?) 

I'm loving bright, pastel nails, in fact I can't get enough of all the Topshop nail colours, I think I have a slight addiction (I desperately need to buy another clear acrylic nail polish storage stand to store all the stray bottles, what is that all about?!) 

Lorde's Pure Heroine is an album I cannot stop listening to, that's not a bad thing though, although my dancing/singing to it playing in hmv proved slightly embarrassing. My lovely OT bought this for me (thanks, Matt!) and it's been played over and over,  it's one of those cds I can't leave the house with *cue mini road trip singing to all the tracks*

Now, I don't own this particular record player,  or any record player *puts it higher on wishlist* but it's just perfect and after spying it in Urban Outfitters over December I've fallen head over heels for this floral beauty and wanting to buy all those pretty records for it, you know the ones I mean. 

These shoes are basically what you'd find on my tootsies as a little girl with mega long hair and frilly ankle socks, and you know what, I want them back in my life. They're amazing, they're super cute, they make me want to wear tea dresses, braid my hair and make daisy chains lying in the grass whilst listening to the Virgin Suicides dreamy soundtrack. Ohh yeah. 

Girls, the tv show, it's genuis. If you haven't seen it yet, I won't include any spoilers but only suggest that you immediately add it to your wish/watchlist because you're sure to love it! It's quirky, it's super honest, it's different, it's pretty and grungy at the same time. I love the characters, I love the soundtrack and since last January I've had the urge to dance around my bedroom to Dancing On My Own, cheers Lena Dunham, you're awesome. 

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